Here’s how ILiveSafe’s unique system works behind the scenes.

Let us use the case of a family member involved in an serious accident to explain how ILiveSafe made a difference when fate struck: On 15 January 2015 the Call Centre received a call about a serious head on collision outside the town of Ermelo. The driver was trapped inside the wreck and a bystander trying to help, noticed the ILiveSafe wrist band and called the emergency number displayed on the wrist band. The Call Centre personnel immediately took the following steps:

1. Dispatched a private ambulance service (one of iLiveSafe’s service providers) to the scene and gave the paramedics personal medical information about the patient stored on the system. Meanwhile a medical helicopter was put on standby in case the patient needed evacuation to a city hospital.) All information concerning medical aid and next of kin were available on the database – part of the unique service.


2. The fire brigade was sent from Ermelo to free the trapped driver.


3. The police were summoned to control traffic at the accident scene.


4. All the while, a nurse stayed on the line with the person at the scene of the accident providing advice on how to keep the patient comfortable while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.


5. Meanwhile the Mediclinic Hospital in Ermelo was alerted to expect a patient in critical condition and was provided with his personal details. The hospital was kept informed about progress with the patient.


6. The patient’s next of kin, as recorded on the data base were located and contacted in Ellisras. They immediately set off for Ermelo, a distance of 500km. (another unique service)


7. The next of kin’s progress was monitored via the Trip Monitoring service and they could be kept abreast of the patient’s condition en route. (Another unique point)


8. The next of kin received trauma counselling after the accident and in the days that followed – more unique service. This collision was handled holistically and everyone worked as a team to ensure the correct flow of information in order to provide the patient with the best and quickest service possible.


WHY iLiveSafe?

Increasingly there are media reports about the reality of patients who are robbed at accident scenes in South Africa. Thugs target valuable items such as, cell phones, laptops, handbags, wallets, jewellery, etc.
Where is your medical aid card, medical information and contact details of next of kin?
Here are just a few examples from the media:

'Accident victims robbed as they lay dying'
News24, 29 September 2014.

"Two badly injured men were dragged from the mangled wreckage of their car and mugged of their possessions before being left to die on the pavement. Garrith Jamieson of RescueCare Ambulance Services said in the report that theft from crash victims was not uncommon. "We often see cases like this and it is abhorrent. People are often trapped and injured in their cars and thieves take advantage of that to rob them blind."

'Man dies after being pulled from wreckage'
Rapport 10 Nov 2013.

A man was pulled from his car next to the Old Johannesburg Road and robbed of everything, even his clothes were stolen.

'Man pulls two from wreck after collision and steals their phones and wallets'
Beeld of 27 May 2014.

Two men seriously injured on the R24 (Rustenburg / Krugersdorp road) after a road accident were pulled from their car and robbed of their phones and wallets. They were left helpless.

'Evil thugs robbed crash victims'
Daily Sun 14 April 2014.

"... and while they were lying on the road bleeding the thugs from a nearby squatter camp moved in and stole everything from them" - Cape Town N2.

'Motorcyclist dies in collision – robbed'
Pretoria News

"While a Pretoria motorcyclist lay unconscious in his own blood after he was thrown from a high bridge, a number of squatters stole all his possessions. He later died in a Government hospital even though he does have a medical aid" The Tshwane Metro Police's spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Alta Fourie said "The robbing of accident victims is an unfortunate reality"

'Robbed while bleeding'
Beeld 9 September 2014

A Seriously injured patient was pulled into the bushes by people at a minibus taxi rank and robbed. Even the CPF members who visited the scene were also not spared. - Krugersdorp.