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iLivesafe Extends Offering to Corporate Employees

Date: 2 September 2015 - Information

With their deal signed with Afriboom, iLiveSafe – the leader in complete identification, safety and rapid response – is expanding their product offering to include customised packages aimed at the corporate environment. ...read more


Position available at iLiveSafe.- Sales Person

Date: 18 August 2015 - Employment

iLiveSafe is a leader in complete identification, safety and rapid response seeking a determined, driven sales person, to call on new clients promoting and selling the services we provide. ...read more


iLivesafe Helps Runners Take Back the Road

Date: 3 August 2015 - Information

Those choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle by running or cycling on South Africa’s roads are being held back from training. iLiveSafe, the leader in complete identification, safety and rapid response, is set to become a vital and handy running accessory that benefits running clubs and individual runners alike. Setting out in the brisk early morning air for a quick 5k is the ...read more



My 24/7 Service used to rescue Pretoria cyclist.

Date: 22 June 2015 - Information

Since their launch in 2013, iLiveSafe products have been used to initiate thousands of rescues and roadside assistance call outs through their innovative personal safety products. Founded by individuals with decades of experience in emergency care, iLiveSafe offer their clients peace of mind by allowing them to choose a package which provides access to personal identification in the event of an accident, a 24 hour crisis line, and their Take Me Home and Get Home Safely services. Since the company’s launch their clients have come to depend on iLiveSafe’s life-saving capabilities. A recent example of this is the rescue of Pretoria resident, Andre De Beer. Andre set off on a mild Sunday morning cycle ride planning a recovery ride of 70km to Ludwig Roses on his mountain bike. Along the tar road as he ...read more



iLiveSafe supports new government legislation

Date: 25 May 2015 - Information

We’ve all seen it countless times before: you’re driving home from work, and a child that’s not even two years old is standing on the backseat of the car in front of you, jumping up and down occasionally. You shake your head disapprovingly as you turn onto the highway, and soon you pass a car where a tiny baby is being held on its mother’s lap in the front seat of the car. It is estimated that nearly 40 people die on our country’s roads on a daily basis, of which 4 are children. In light of this, the South African Government have passed a new car seat law ...read more


Wich Wristband Is The Right One?

Date: 6 May 2015 - Information

The identification wristband concept is sometimes not very clear to the layman, and they assume that any wristband will do the job. But having said that, we also cannot malign our "competition". ...read more


Road Running 101 with Mapaseka Makhanya and iLiveSafe

Date: 4 May 2015 - Press release

Labelled as one of the unhealthiest nations in the entire world, South Africans are rapidly becoming more aware of what they put into their bodies and what exercises will give them the maximum benefits. On the back of this, many South Africans are taking up road running as their sport of choice, and eagerly participating in the many road races that the South African race calendar has to offer. But just like any other sport, road running has its hazards.. ...read more



How to Ensure a Safe and Happy Easter

Date: 31 March 2015 - Press release

The Easter long weekend is just around the corner, and this signals the start of a well-deserved break or even a getaway for a lot of South Africans. When Easter arrives, it means that we have survived the first school term and also the first quarter of the year. And what better way to celebrate such a special holiday than with friends, family, the Easter bunny and the endless supply of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns that are synonymous with this holiday. Many of us will also be travelling on very busy roads over this time, leaving our homes unattended, or entering into potentially vulnerable situations. iLiveSafe want you and yours to have the happiest and safest Easter yet. ...read more



How safe is your “safe house” really?

Date: 16 March 2015 - Press release

As South Africans, we are no longer satisfied with our high walls and ferocious guard dogs. Most of us, when given the choice, would opt to live in one of the many high security estates which are being built almost overnight in every city of our crime-stricken country. These estates with their picture perfect surroundings offer us more: more security guards, tighter security measures and ultimately the promise of a higher quality of living for our families. They come with a price tag which we are happy to pay, because you cannot put a price on safety, right? But how safe are these security estates really?...read more



Your calm amidst the chaos

Date: 5 March 2015 - Press release

It is safe to say that 2015 has started off with a bang for most of us. As some of us are already daydreaming about our next holiday, reality dictates that we are caught up in the day-in and day-out chaos that is our lives. But it doesn’t just begin and end within our own little worlds – instead we are constantly surrounded (and bombarded) by technology, the “next best thing”, trends, world events, current affairs, loadshedding, the State of the Nation Address…and more often this leaves us feeling hopeless instead of hopeful. And amidst all this chaos, we are expected to feel safe. But how?...read more





Two months into the year… 300 motorbike incidents

Date: 4 March 2015 - Press release

ER24 is urging bikers, cyclists and motorists to be cautious and courteous to each other. ER24 has attended to about 300 motorbike incidents since the beginning of the year. Sadly, many bikers either lost their lives or sustained serious or critical injuries. Incidents included collisions between bikers and vehicles as well as bikers losing control of their motorcycles and crashing. ...... read more


Keep the ball in your court in 2015

Date: 4 February 2015 - Press release

As the last of the beach sand is swept from our houses and our tans are slowly fading, we know that these are merely indicators that the New Year is in full swing. Cue the school runs, crazy extra mural schedules, meetings, deadlines and a list of New Year’s resolutions which we promise to fulfil in 2015 no matter what. But amongst the organised chaos that is our lives, do we make sure that safety is a priority on our daily to-do list? Do we have a plan of action to ensure that everyone...... read more



Trauma in sport: The Professionals Speak

Date: 19 January 2015 - Press release

As South Africans, we value our sporting culture. We have fought with blood, sweat and tears for everything which we have achieved on the sports field – in particular over the last 20 years - and the world considers us serious contenders especially when it comes to disciplines such as cricket, rugby, swimming and athletics. Any avid sports fan will tell you how often they have witnessed, from the comfort of their couches, how sportsmen and women physically put their bodies on the line. What actually happens on the sports field in a moment of crisis is another thing altogether, and due to the serious nature of sports induced injuries, paramedics often don’t have very long to act in the event of such emergencies...... read more



The season to be Jolly...and Safe!

Date: 22 December 2014 - Press release

December holidays – that magical time of the year where the majority of Gauteng residents exchange their untanned corporate bodies for suntanned beach bodies, and when you can spot a Vaalie a mile away. It is a time of family, celebration and a well deserved rest away from the everyday chaos of life. Unfortunately, it is also a time of the year where the death toll rises annually on our country’s roads, where there are more casualties on our beaches and where more children go missing than any other time of the year...... read more



Ensure a sun-kissed and safe Matric Holiday

Date: 25 November 2014 - Press release

Its that time of the year again, where our country's Matric pupils are studying hard and writing the final exams of their school carers in order to secure their places as hard working and contributing members of society. But before they take their first steps into adulthood, most Matriculates usually celebrate their imminent freedom ..... read more



Excellent service during the holidays!

Our fantastic holiday experience was as a result of your compassion and reassurance. Rita and Deon assisted us with our trip monitoring when we travelled to the West coast. They also assisted when we were on our way back. Thank you Rita and Deon! Initially we decided to drive straight through to our destination, but due to a few stops we decided to contact you at about 20:30. We asked if you could assist us with accommodation in Laingsburg.

Minutes later we were contacted and informed that a guesthouse was able to assist us. We managed to get a good night's rest before we took on the road again.

Thank you for your excellent service and may your team be blessed.
Karen Robbertze

Trip monitoring while watching beautiful flowers in Namaqualand!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for their outstanding trip monitoring that we received during our last vocation. This year my mother and I decided to go and see the flowers in Namaqualand on the West Coast. (Rita and Deon called us promptly every day from the call centre) Wow, it is indeed excellent service! On the 19th August we went via Zeerust and Upington. It was so reassuring to know we would be called every hour. Often we were the only car on the road but we never felt unsafe as we knew that you knew exactly where we were all of the time.

On Wednesday we drove to Springbok. We decided on the spur of the moment to go to Augrabies. There again we were not alarmed as you picked up that we had turned off. As we got closer to Springbok we got the latest weather updates from Rita. We also received the latest updates to where other members had seen flowers in that area.

After a few days we requested trip monitoring again from Montagu to Beaufort West via Route 62. There again we decided on the spur of the moment not to use the N1.

After 4,500km it really started to feel that we had taken you with us on holiday, we only wished that we were able to show them the lovely places that we had visited!

We really want to say thank-you to the entire team for the unbelievable good service that we always receive.
Letter shortened


Martie Beukes is very impressed with the service "take me home" which she used on Saturday 26 July. She arranged for the service to take her home after a night out at Loftus.

She explained that she was a bit sceptic but acknowledged that the service was excellent and efficient. The call centre ensured that the driver found them easily and transport them safely home.


"Call me" works!

I had to contact the call centre today. My little blue car stopped. I had been wondering how the new "Call Me" service worked. This morning I got my chance and sent a "Call Me". Within minutes, a very friendly lady called me back. I was very surprised that I was helped in the language option that I had indicated. As always, all the calls were made on my behalf and I was just waiting for the tow company to collect my car. Indeed, it seemed as if the whole process of the "Call Me" to tow was even faster than ever. Thank you for another product that make our user's life easier.
Helen Kruger


Arm band speaks in pharmacy

On the 8th of April I went to collect my medicine from a Pharmacy in Pretoria North. I suddenly experienced severe palpitations. One of the ladies brought me a glass of water and said I should sit with them for a while. When I came round, I was told that I fainted and they did not know what to do further. I also started vomiting. They saw the arm band and contacted the call centre immediately. LifeMed Ambulance Services was dispatched to assist. They connected an ECG and checked my vital signs. It is then that they decided to take me to hospital. I would just like to say thank you for your quick and professional response. I really appreciate it.
Mary-Ann Bird

Man robbed – arm band saves his life

My husband is a tour operator and travels a lot. He travelled from Pretoria to Johannesburg to collect customers. Just after 08:00 the bus he was driving broke down on DF Malan Drive in Pretoria. He got out to investigate what was wrong. He was at the bridge near the fresh produce market.

Two perpetrators were immediately next to him. They robbed him of his wallet and other valuable items. He tried to jump into the bus whereupon they also tried to climb in. During a scuffle he was bitten and kicked until he was immobilised. A lady from the fresh produce market drove past and saw him lying there. He was very confused and this is where the arm band spoke. She immediately contacted the call centre. The ambulance and police were quickly on the scene.

You provide all the necessary medical information to the paramedics. Herewith my sincere thanks for your prompt and professional actions and the way everything was handled.
Helen Pretorius


Roadside assistance impressive

My car broke down near my house. The fan belt came loose and damaged my radiator. Fortunately it was possible to get my car at home but because of the damage it had to be towed the car dealership. (20km from my house)

Since the car was at my house, I doubted whether it would qualify for roadside assistance. However, I contacted the call centre and learned to my joy that I still qualify. All the arrangements to tow my automatic car to the dealership were made by the call centre. This is truly excellent and impressive service Thank you, I could walked away from my problem.
Sean Streicher

Assistance when my child's car broke down

We would just like to take the opportunity to say thank you for your help when our child's car broke down. It was not the first time that you helped us with her car, but once again your service was quick, professional and from the top shelf. The person who helped us came back almost immediately with the information and how long it will take more or less for the towing service to reach us. The person phoned back later to see if the towing service arrived and helped us. We cannot thank you enough. Keep it up. Again many, many thanks that you are there when you need it.
Steven Drotsky


Attacked after threatening phone calls

Louise was brutally attacked at her home on Friday afternoon 22 August where she was cut several times with a blade in the face.

When she regained consciousness she was bound with a clothes-line. She managed to reach her phone and called the emergency number for help.

The police were notified and paramedics were sent out. The gate was closed and a towing service was quickly dispatched to the scene to break open the gate so she could get medical attention.

Louise wrote the following: "Thank you for the quick action on Friday" My husband and I want to say thank you to everyone for your help and support that you gave me. Your prompt response and the great service I received. She currently receives trauma counselling from our counsellors at the call centre.

The best service ever!

My husband was in Colesberg for work and I was in the habit of calling him regularly. Suddenly a strange person answered his phone. I immediately realized something was wrong. I phoned the call centre and shared my concern as I was worried because I did not know what had happened. The SAPS traced him and brought him in to the Colesberg police station. The call centre had my husband to talk with me first to reassure me that he was okay but had been robbed. In the end they helped my husband by finding all his belongings in a quick manner.

A second case: My husband was at home one night and began to feel ill. I spoke to the sister at the call centre hoping that she could help to find out what could be wrong. She quickly discovered that he was in the process of having a heart attack and informed me what to do till the ambulance arrived.

Thanks for your help CrisisOnCall. You let us sleep peacefully.
Tineke Brooks