My Identification

Accident victims are most often robbed at the scene, or the impact of the accident separates victims and personal belongings like purses, handbags, cell phones, jewellery, etc.

iLiveSafe has a unique and effective identification system that communicates critical lifesaving information. Medical and other important information such as medical aid fund, allergies, medical conditions, chronic medication, and next of kin, are captured and maintained against the member's number and wrist band number at the call centre.

Paramedics, Arrive Alive and SAPEASA (South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Services Association) support the iLiveSafe identification system as a must have for every South African.
Emergency situations

My 24/7 Rescue

A crisis can happen anytime and anywhere. This is when you need experts to support you.

The iLiveSafe Crisis Line provides the required infrastructure to access the call centre when you are in a crisis. Our trained staff can take control of your crisis and provide assistance as required. They can link you with your bank to block lost and stolen cards or to your cell phone provider to block your lost or stolen cell phone.

They can also assist you with SAPS, fire brigade and other emergency services as required for the crisis.
Crisis Call centre

My Assurance

Legal enforcement for driving under the influence of alcohol is becoming more stringent. iLiveSafe provides a service where a professional driver will take you home in your own vehicle after a night of indulgence. To activate this, call the call centre and agree to a time and place where the driver will meet you and take you home. (Maximum: three persons).

This service is available free of charge within a radius of 50 km in the metropolitan areas of; Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George and East London. Trips over longer distance can be arranged at additional cost. The service is available daily between 5:30pm and 3:00am and is yours to use for free six times per annum.
Crisis Call centre

My 24/7 Peace of Mind

Travelling today has become unsafe. When the road is also unsafe the pressure on the driver and passengers is even higher. Travelling at night further compounds this risk and feeling of stress.

iLiveSafe will on request call you at a predetermined time to confirm that you reached your destination safely. Should contact with you fail, iLiveSafe will try the Contact Me function and other means in the crisis line to search for you.
Crisis Call centre

Emergency Medical Reaction Services (EMS) (By Road or Air)

Arrange and pay for emergency medical reaction in life threatening medical emergencies that require assistance by paramedics and ambulances. This service is provided for any life threatening emergency irrespective whether it is at home or at work or on the road.

Registered, trained and experienced emergency staff and ambulance services are used. In all cases the nearest most appropriate and available service providers are selected to ensure optimal service delivery that meets the nature of the emergency.

Emergency medical staff will stabilise a patient before transport. In all cases the nearest most appropriate and available hospital are selected.


Immediate response is undertaken to the scene of a medical emergency where appropriate advanced lifesaving resuscitation will be provided to a Member. Where necessary, the Member will be stabilized before transportation is provided to the closest appropriate medical facility.


In all life threatening medical emergencies, a Member will be transported by road or air to the most appropriate and closest hospital that can effectively manage that particular condition. If the condition is not life threatening, but necessitates the use of an ambulance, The member will be taken to the closest most appropriate facility if medically justifiable.


Any Member who requires specialist diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, which cannot be performed by the admitted hospital, will be transferred by road or air to the receiving facility where such procedures or specialist care can be performed.


If lifesaving emergency medications or emergency blood products (thus excluding standard routine delivery and/or charges for blood) are required which cannot be obtained at the medical facility responsible for the Member's treatment, then the emergency medication will be transported to the Member.

In addition to emergency transportation, the Medical Evacuation product also offers:
  • Emergency telephonic medical advice
  • Arrangements for compassionate visit by a family Member
  • Arrangements for the escorted return of minors after an accident
  • Referrals to doctors and other medical facilities
  • The relaying of information to a family Member/acquaintance

Comprehensive Pre-Hospital Services

Non-emergency/general medical (telephonic) consultation and advice:
  • The call centre sub-contracts to medical and nursing practitioners who are to provide members with advice and information regarding medical conditions by telephone.
  • The advice and information given ought not to be regarded as an accurate diagnosis of any condition any person might suffer.
  • These will include:v
    • General medical advice;
    • Chemical substance misuse and abuse;
    • Data concerning referrals to hospitals, doctors, dentists and pharmacies;
    • Medical travel information and advice;
    • Generic medicine advice;
    • Preferred provider advice and/or referral where applicable.
Routine unlimited medically justifiable ambulance transfers:
Whenever non-emergency medically justifiable ambulance transport is required to transfer a member either from home to hospital or from hospital to hospital, arrangements if made by the call centre, will entail that such transport is undertaken whenever required on an unlimited financial basis by road.


This service is limited to the borders of South Africa. Travel outside the borders is covered by medical insurance or certain medical aid funds.


Evacuation by air is only applicable in life threatening emergencies. The medical emergency staff on the scene are best equipped for this decision. Weather conditions and numerous other factors must be considered for air transport.


Information about the incident will be provided to the next of kin. The case manager will handle the sharing of information with next of kin with due care.

Telephonic Medical Advice

Staff at the call centre will provide medical advice by telephone to members.

Personal Health Advisor

Telephonic advisory service by qualified staff at the call centre.

Health Counselling

Members have access to a health desk where a clinical evaluation of conditions reported by telephone is provided. Call centre staff use special computer systems to assist and advice members.

Medical staff can assist with:
  • General medical advice
  • Use and abuse of medication and chemical products
  • General information about doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and dentists
  • Medical counsel and advice for travellers
  • General advice regarding medication
  • Information and advice about preferred service providers and / or referrals where applicable.
Any information and advice provided through this service is only that, it is not a medical diagnosis. Accurate medical diagnosis can only be rendered on a person to person base by a registered medical doctor or practitioner.

Audio Health Library

The Audio Health Library is a 24-hour telephonic library containing information on over 500 medically related topics, offering the caller anonymity especially on subjects that are difficult or embarrassing to discuss.

Assistance During Hi-Jacking

The call centre can provide general assistance to members during hi-jack situations.

Support With Missing Persons

Support with reporting and search for missing persons can be provided. If a person is expected to be missing, contact the call centre. The agent will capture all information provided by the caller and will advise regarding the best approach and support for the search process. This includes legal advice.

Free registration on SACMEC (South African Centre for Missing and Exploited Children) can be arranged through the call centre.

Registration with PSARU (People Search and Rescue Unit) is recommended. See More About PSARU

Trauma Counselling

Telephonic trauma counselling and guidance by call centre staff as well as three sessions with a psychologist per family per year, if needed.

Based on specific conditions and needs of the victim, the counsellor may advise face-to-face counselling. The nurse will provide the Client with 3 names of psychologists in their immediate area. The caller can then decide to which one of the counsellors he / she would like to go see, at no additional cost to the Client. The Client is responsible for the payment of the counsellor, and then claims the expense back from CrisisOnCall. This product includes 3 counselling sessions per member family per annum.

Telephonic Legal Advice and Legal Documents

Telephonic legal advice is just a phone call away. The legal advice service is provided by qualified and experienced in-house attorneys who provide guidance and information on all legal matters. This service is available 24-hours per day and includes:
Criminal offences, fines, debt, contracts, divorce, maintenance, and other related legal advice.

Labour Law Advice

Labour law specialists are telephonically available for advice on the Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Employment Equity Act, Skills Development Act and other labour related legislation. This includes labour affairs matters such as unfair labour practice, basic wages, strikes, lock-outs, etc.

Motor Accident Advice

Telephonic legal advice can be given to the Client at the scene of an accident. This advice relates to all aspects of a motor collision.

Road Accident Fund

The legal advisors can advise regarding processes and procedures for the lodge of a claim with the Road Accident Fund. This includes where and how as well as completing the relevant forms. They can also refer a Client to a specialist attorney, where necessary.

Attorney Referral Service

In-house attorneys have access to a national panel of practicing attorneys to assist if the Client needs to appear in court. The panel of attorneys includes details about the attorney's area of specialisation, such as criminal, labour, conveyancing, etc. In most areas the Client will be offered a choice of attorneys for this referral appointment.

The referral service involves a free initial 30-minute consultation and if required, the practicing attorney can also draft one letter or make one telephone call to a third party. The Client can then decide whether or not to continue with the practicing attorney's services at a fee structure agreed to between the Client and the attorney.

This service includes assistance with:
  • bail application;
  • prosecutions and;
  • rights of the motorists generally.

Standard Legal Documentation

Access to standard legal documents is available. Changes to the documents must be avoided and any changes should be justified with a legal expert. These documents include:
  • A Small Claims Court Kit
  • A Child Maintenance Kit
  • Domestic Employment Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Last Will and Testament

Extensive Legal Information Databases

  • Jutastat – this package includes: Government Gazette, SA Statutes, SA Law Report & Labour Library.
  • Butterworth – this package includes: Law SA, Amler's Precedent of Pleadings, Commercial & General Law Library, Road Traffic Act & Regulations.
  • Internet – an important research and information tool.

Assistance With Stranded Minors

Assistance is available for caring of minors following traumatic incidents.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Should death occur away from home, a case manager at the call centre is available to make all the arrangements. Repatriation is arranged when the deceased's body is more than 100km from their place of residence, within South Africa and neighbouring countries e.g. Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique etc. All the arrangements to transport mortal remains as requested by the family are managed and special care is taken to consider particular customs and beliefs.

  • Assistance with the necessary documentation and co-ordination with the authorities to transport the deceased's mortal remains back to the normal area of residence.
  • A 24-hour bereavement counselling line is available to the next of kin in the event of death.
  • Where family members are required to identify the deceased, 1 night accommodation to the value of R500 is arranged.

Funeral Support and Assistance

Specially trained case managers are available to manage all aspects of death, from bereavement counselling for the family, to assistance with funeral arrangements. The case manager will assist the Client with all necessary details. The cost is for the account of the user.

The Funeral Support and Assistance Benefit comprises the following:
  • Identifying the exact location of the deceased
  • Arranging and facilitating overnight accommodation for the next-of-kin when having to identify the body outside the normal area of residence
  • Advising and referring the bereaved family to a reputable undertaker, as well as assisting with the funeral arrangements; this service takes cognizance of party's customs and beliefs and the case manager will exercise special care and adhere to those customs and beliefs
  • Advice on how to apply for a death certificate, and where applicable, the necessary documentation if the deceased is to be buried outside South Africa
  • Assistance with interpretation of any legal documentation such as a funeral policy and the procedure to be followed
  • Where an unnatural death has occurred or in any circumstance where a post mortem is required, the Europ Assistance SA case managers will assist with referral to a pathologist
  • Referral to counselling services for support and advice for the bereaved family.

Home Assistance Access: Member to Pay

Service providers are arranged in the event of essential electrical and plumbing problems.

Emergency Travel/Accommodation Assist

Access to a help line offering information on availability and costs with regards to national and international accommodation.

Roadside Assistance Access: Member to Pay

Assistance can be arranged through the call centre for roadside emergencies such as a mechanical breakdown, flat tyre, flat battery or any other roadside related emergency. This is a 24 hour a day service to arrange assistance, anywhere within the borders of South Africa.

This is a free access help line, and the Client will be responsible for costs incurred by the service provider.

This is a 24-hour toll-free telephonic roadside assistance help line providing a caller with access to a network of breakdown services in the territory in the event of a motor vehicle accident or motor vehicle breakdown.

The following facilities can be accessed under Auto Assist Access:
  • Emergency roadside repairs;
  • Towing in services;
  • Car rentals;
  • Taxi's;
  • Locksmiths;
  • Arranging accommodation;
  • Flat tyre change;
  • Battery charge; and
  • Petrol call-out.

Cost incurred is for the personal account of the user. The call centre staff will transfer urgent messages to a user's next-of-kin at no cost.

Roadside Assist: Covered

With roadside assist the cost of breakdown services are covered by the call centre.

The call centre must be contacted in the event of a roadside emergency such as a mechanical breakdown, flat tyre, flat battery or any other roadside related emergency relating to a passenger vehicle and motor cycle. The service is available 24 hours a day to arrange assistance, anywhere within the borders of South Africa.

All vehicles must be roadworthy and is limited to passenger vehicles, motor cycles, light trailers and caravans. Vehicles requiring service must be registered on the crisisoncall data base.

Product Benefits

  • 24 hour help line
  • Assistance in the event of keys locked in vehicles, flat tyres, running out of fuel or breakdown of vehicle
  • Highly trained case managers
  • Use of only accredited service providers on the Europ Assistance SA panel

In the event of mechanical and electrical breakdown of a vehicle, a towing service is provided to tow the vehicle to the most appropriate place of repair (dealer) or safekeeping. An additional tow in the event of the most appropriate place of repair not being open at the time of the incident, the vehicle will be towed from the towing service provider's yard.

Jump-Start service

A service provider is dispatched to jump start the vehicle. The service is limited to reasonable services to mobilise the vehicle, and excludes the cost of parts, components, lubricants and similar provisions. If the problem cannot be resolved, the cost of additional services, such as a tow-in will be arranged to the most appropriate place of repair (dealer) or safekeeping. An additional tow in the event of the most appropriate place of repair not being open at the time of the incident, the vehicle will be towed from the towing service provider's yard. Assistance is also provided at non-roadside locations. Limited to two incidents per vehicle per year.

Note: New models that are still under warranty should not be jump-started; a tow truck will be dispatched to tow the stranded vehicle to the most appropriate place of repair (dealer) or safekeeping.

Tyre change service

A service provider is dispatched to change a flat tyre, at both roadside and non-roadside locations. In the event of the caller not having a spare tyre, the vehicle can be towed on a member to pay basis to the most appropriate place of repair (dealer) or safekeeping. The tyre change service excludes any costs for the repair of the tyre, parts, and wheel balancing or similar charges. In instances where a vehicle is equipped with 'run flats' and does not have a spare tyre, the vehicle will be towed to the most appropriate place of repair.

Running out of fuel

10 litres of fuel is supplied in the event of the vehicle running out of fuel – maximum 2 incidents per annum.

Keys locked in the vehicle

A service provider is dispatched to unlock the car, the cost of the call-out fee and one hour's labour is covered. The service excludes parts, components, keys or key cutting costs, lubricants or similar charges. If a key has broken in the ignition/door, a service provider will be dispatched. If the problem cannot be resolved, the cost of additional services, such as a tow-in, is for the caller's account.

Note: If locksmiths are unable to unlock the vehicle, it can be towed to the most appropriate place of repair (dealer) or safekeeping or to client's request on a member to pay basis, on condition that the member settles the account with the service provider at the time of service. If the vehicle operates with a 'smart key', Europ Assistance will arrange for it to be towed to the most appropriate dealer, and pay for the costs up to a maximum of R500.

Additional Assistance

In the event that the roadside incident occurs 100km away from your residence, one of the following would apply:
Accommodation for one night (maximum R500.00)
Arrangement of a taxi service (maximum R500.00)
Rental of a class B vehicle for one day (24 hour) (valid credit card to be produced),
Cost of repatriation of the vehicle following the repair will be covered to a maximum R500 per repatriation (towing or transportation). Or 24hour Car hire will be arranged for transportation to collect vehicle.

Roadside Assist excludes assistance in the following:

  • Costs incurred as a result of assistance after involvement in an accident, collision, attempted theft, or hi-jacking will be for the caller's account.
  • Vehicles not registered on the contract/policy.
  • The cost of repair of parts, such as new batteries, tyres, locks, keys, etc.
  • The cost of towing or repairs if Europ Assistance SA did not request the service.
  • Commercial vehicles used for conducting a business or trade.
  • Vehicles not registered under the Road Traffic Act or similar legislation applicable in South Africa.
  • Vehicles that are un-roadworthy or clearly in a state of neglect.
  • Recovery of a vehicle, i.e. any costs incurred in order to move a disabled vehicle into a position to facilitate a tow.
  • Any damages that may be caused by external factors i.e. potholes, roadworks.

Roadside Assist does not cover, but offers assistance in one of the following situations on a member to pay basis, subject to the member paying costs at the time of service:

  • If the vehicle is involved in an accident/collision and needs to be towed, services can be arranged.
  • If there is an attempted theft or hijacking of the vehicle and the services of a locksmith, tow or similar are required.
  • Fuel assistance at non-roadside locations will be assisted but on a member to pay basis.
  • Lost/Stolen keys or keys not locked in the vehicle.
  • Locksmith assistance where a key is broken off in a gear lock.
  • No spare tyre to replace a flat tyre with or the required equipment.

Extended Family

The service is provided to YOU and your family. In the context of your membership with us, the definition of a family is: member, spouse, living partner and dependent children under 21 (twenty one) years (students up to 25 [twenty five] years). EXTENDED FAMILY includes working children older than 18 (eighteen) years who still live with their parents, and parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters who live with the member in the same house (same roof).